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About – IFAD Multiproducts


Instituted in 2003, IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is recognized as one the largest consumer food producers in Bangladesh. It began its journey by erecting one of the largest automated flour mills in the nation and currently contends as one of the largest suppliers of flour products. Concurrently the company also established itself as one the largest suppliers of salt, both consumer and industrial grade, following a thorough refining process that attributes to its superior quality. Currently the company is also a major manufacturer and supplier of instant noodles, stick noodles, a varied range of biscuits and cookies, packaged whole spices and bottled drinking water extracted from local aquifers, all of which has been established in its own industrial park. The company has a number of other consumer products in its pipeline which will manifest itself in the very near future.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expand and continually improve utilizing quality practices and employee involvement to produce food products while practicing highest standard in quality and hygiene, for human consumption, both in the domestic and international markets that result in customer and employee satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Our vision at IMPL outlines who we are, where we want to go and how we want the world to view us as a corporate citizen. We are a premier consumer food manufacturing company, and our belief in being premier does not mean striving to be just bigger; but it does mean pursuing the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talent, and consistent and predictable growth Where we want to go: is at the deepest core of the consumer mind, where we want to instill that we are not just a business that sells food; but rather an everyday partner of all our valued customers to meet their needs. We desire to build a culture that envelops every single employee of ours within a sphere of loyalty, ethics, and job satisfaction. And finally we will always consider the impact of our actions on the environment and we will take every necessary step to protect the stage that has given us the room to prosper for generations to come.

IMPL Employee Code of Ethics

Code of ethics of workers Honesty must be practiced at all times No confidential company information must ever be revealed to third parties All employees must respect the workplace and private properties of their fellows. No employee may withhold knowledge where such action will allow another employee to fail or otherwise suffer. Company property must never be misused or taken for personal use. Personal business must never be undertaken during business hours without prior permissions of the company. No employee or any of their immediate family members may have any financial interest, direct or indirect, in any business which competes with the company or with which the company has business dealings; unless that interest and/or relationship has been declared to the company and a waiver received. No employee must ever receive a gift, may it be in any form from a vendor or client. No employee may at any time accept a free merchandise sample from a vendor or client. An employee may not enter into any other paid employment or give consultancy where he/she might receive any kind of compensation from another company. The use of company automobile is only permitted for the purpose of conducting regular company business.

Quality & Food Safety Policy

Ifad Multi Products Limited strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the essence of the quality and food safety Policy. We are committed to manufacture quality wheat products (e.g. Atta, Maida and Suzi), which are safe for human consumption to our customers and end users, in a hygienic and dust free environment.

Ifad Multi Products Limited is committed to achieve this by using good quality raw wheat with the help of automatic plant & machinery, trained & skilled manpower and following the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System (QMS), HACCP and regulatory body.

It is the responsibility of all employees of Ifad Multi Products Limited to follow personal hygiene, sanitation, pest control and plant safety rules. The Quality & Food Safety Policy is communicated to all employees by displaying it at prominent locations and through awareness sessions.

The Top Management of Ifad Multi Products Limited is committed to continual improvement of its processes.



IMPL is the food manufacturing wing which was established in 2007.Though it began its journey by setting up an automated flour mill but soon it worked its way up to becoming one of the largest consumer good producer in Bangladesh. Some of their most popular products include IFAD Atta, IFAD Maida & IFAD Suji.



IMPL started a large scale salt factory equipped with modern automatic machines with seven layer salt

refining system. This salt factory which is situated in Ruhitpur, Keraniganj was the pioneer of its kind in




IMPL offers bottled drinking water extracted from deep local aquifers. The whole process of making this premium drinking water takes place at our industrial park.



IMPL also has two noodle brand under their belt known as Ifad Egg Noodle and Ifad Eggy Instant Noodle. They are produced with fully automated European technology. Eggy also introduced a lovely interactive brand character which is involved with fun and promotes learning for happy and healthy life.



IMPL has launched” IFAD Biscuits” which makes high-quality biscuits using its own flour. The production is supervised and monitored by highly skilled personnel from overseas. IMPL was also awarded the 2011 SME award by the president of Bangladesh Product Quality, Production process, and Management.



IMPL launched premium quality bakery biscuit as “IFAD Bakery Biscuits “under the brand of IFAD. This brand has successfully created a lot of buzz among consumers and now runs one of the highest engagement pages on Facebook with over 156000 likes.



IMPL extended its line up with confectionary and snacks item under the existing brand of “IFAD” for a plain cake.  It also incorporated two new brands “Wavy” for snacks and “pepUP” for instant drink powder.



IMPL also expanded its bakery biscuit and snack items with Butter Toast, Plain Toast, Milk flavor biscuit etc.  Under the “EGGY” brand IMPL also launched more snacks items like “Pillow Chips” and “Stix Chips.

Our Certifications